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Costing Manager (61594)


Finance and Investment
Management (6-10 years)


6Th Of October City, Giza, Egypt


  • Prepares cost estimates of new or special products for establishing selling prices and production forecasts.
  • Calculates burden rates and sets up expense budgets for manufacturing and service departments.
  • Checks and clears data on labor and materials costs burden and expense items, inventory, and profit and loss adjustments.
  • Devises, installs or controls systems for determining unit cost of products or services.
  • Distributes costs between the various divisions of management and production.
  • Classifies production costs into wages, material and overhead.


  • Minimum of 10¬†years of relevant experience preferably in real
  • Bachelor degree in Accounting from a reputable university
Created on19 Jun 2018
Last updated on10 Sep 2018
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