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Project Management Officer (56011)


Director (10-20 years)


Mohandseen, Giza, Egypt


  • Set the framework of project management, standards and process. 
  • Support the successful delivery of programs undertaken by the company through effective facilitation, tracking and reporting.
  • Ensure that the projects selected are aligned with the company's strategic priorities and financial plan.
  • Maintain close proximity to projects’ execution including staying on time, on budget, on quality and on scope project delivery.


  • Minimum 10 years of relevant experience.
  • Bachelor degree in computer science, information management systems or any related field.
  • Project Management certification (PMP, Princ2) is a must.
  • A post-graduate degree in general management (such as an MBA) is an 
  • Fluency in English is a must.
Created on08 Mar 2018
Last updated on26 Sep 2018
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