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After sales Engineer (47173)


Mid Career (2-6 years)
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Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt


  • Installing landscape or supervising the installation of landscape/farms projects and villas of training technicians on how to install and service different products.
  • Issuing visits reports, filing a copy of them in the monthly activity sheet while originals are filed in the projects files and the effective communication of visits report to company's customers.
  • Supervising the installation and the follow-up of central control projects to ensure everything is working properly.
  • Training site engineers on central control, weather stations, and all related issues.
  • Responding to customers’ complaints and inquiries in an effective and timely manner.


  • Bachelor Degree in Agriculture Engineering
  •  0-2 years of relevant experience
Created on19 Sep 2017
Last updated on04 Aug 2020
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