Media Programming Specialist (272834)


Marketing and PR
Mid Career (2-6 years)
Not specified


Not specified
New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt


  • Setting the strategy and direction for all our channels, Managed, and owned.
  • Researching and generating audience insights about who are audience are and what are their behavior like online and on other media
  • Putting targets and KPIs for each project, content piece or project in relevant channels.
  • Optimizing channel performance through optimizing channel strategy and piece by piece optimization according to the always changing platforms algorithms and updates.
  • Developing wide range of reports on the company's projects, events, and content pieces monthly and per project.
  • Advise based on consumer insights research on business planning and choosing which playgrounds are relevant to the company and which playground holds the biggest ROI in terms of playground growth and market statues.
  • Constantly scouting and assessing the market for new platforms that the company's could be on, acquiring new audiences and building fan bases for the brand on each platform
  • Safeguarding the brand’s tone of voice and content quality across all channels, managed, or owned.
  • Setting the .com strategy integrating in it the SEO strategy that helps generating organic search volumes on the .com assets and articles.
  • Working with agencies to produce articles and editorial videos for .com
  • Working with agencies to gather and analyze social listening data assessing the company's position and share of voice online


  • Bachelor Degree from a reputable university.
  • 3 - 5 years of relevant experience. 
  • Previous experience in data analytics/visualization tools such as power BI.
  • Previous experience in Social Media Listening and Content Creation.
  • Proven experience in managing Social and Digital accounts such as the blogs and websites' backend ..etc.
  • Fluency in spoken and written Arabic and English is a must.
  • Excellent Communication and presentation skills
  • strong Innovative and Energetic character.
Created on03 Aug 2022
Last updated on03 Aug 2022
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