Digital Pharmacy Manager (199622)


Business Development
Management (6-10 years)
Not specified


Not specified
New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt


  • Set-up and management of the Digital Pharmacy project
  • Lead negotiation and signing of partnerships
  •  Set and monitor KPIs relating to the pharmacy line success
  •  Work with Medical, Nursing, IT, Operations, Client and Marketing teams to deliver a comprehensive service
  •  Collaborate with the Quality department in setting and maintaining clinical standards
  •  Participate in clinical leadership and clinical management meetings and initiatives
  •  Generate, prepare and present regular reports related to the digital pharmacy performance
  •  Deliver training and/or orientation sessions related to digital pharmacy use
  •  Coordinate, lead and attend face-to-face and virtual meetings to provide hands-on support to staff using the digital pharmacy
  •  Foster multi-disciplinary work and team meetings to enrich clinical work
  •  Participate in audit on physician prescribing practices against documentation in the medical record to ensure compliance with rules, and regulations.
  •  Participate in technical audits and justify the reasons for rejected cases to facilitate the reconciliation process with insurers
  •  Align with fraud waste and abuse reduction initiatives and leading resultant initiatives and projects


  • Bachelor degree in pharmacy from a reputable university.
  • Degree in Quality, Business or related is a plus.
  • from 5 to 10 years of experience in healthcare sector, 3 years of which in business development.
  • Effective communication of analyses (both verbal and written).
  • Good command of statistics and data interpretation.
  • Experience in Project Management and Organization.
  • Knowledge of current GDPR and other issues.
  • Experience with IT projects is a plus.
  • Experience in projects dealing with patient & clinical data is a plus.
  • Fluency in English is a must.
Created on17 Nov 2021
Last updated on22 Nov 2021
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