Sustainability and Development Senior Deputy General Manager (199467)


Finance and Investment
Management (6-10 years)
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Financial Services
Downtown, Cairo, Egypt
Downtown, Cairo, Egypt


  • Achieve sustainable development in its various economic, social and environmental aspects, including the 17 UN SDGs.
  • Draft and present the sustainability strategy for the bank and discuss it first with Deputy General Manager of Strategic Planning and Sustainability and FIBD Head.In order to present it to the Board of Directors and its sub-committees for approval.
  • Study and develop Sustainability Development recent trends in various banking and sustainable development in addition to innovative financial practices and follow up on the most important events that affect the importance of the banking sector in sustainable development.
  • Periodic follow-ups to reach Sustainability Satisfaction internally among the bank’s employees and externally between the bank and its customers.
  • Manage ways to integrate the concept of sustainability in the bank through two main directions: -integrating the sustainability of the bank's core business through sectors (credit-investment-retail-branches-medium, small and micro enterprises) by formulating strategies and policies that support sustainability standards and  achieving sustainable development in its various economic, social and environmental aspects, including the 17 UN SDGs.
  • Manage design of associated products, follow up the environmental and social responsibility in the bank's operations through the policies of environmental and social initiatives such as waste recycling programs or improving the efficiency of the energy used based on green energy – health – education ...Etc.)
  • Identify important priorities and areas to work on in line with the principles and sustainable development goals signed by the bank in 2019, ensuring the achievement of financial inclusion goals within the financial stability strategies.
  • Follow-up with departments in the sector and other sectors of the bank to achieve sustainable development goals, which are carried out through the application of financial inclusion.
  • Coordinate and consolidate efforts with the bank's sectors related to social responsibility to be more effective in achieving the goals of sustainability and financial inclusion.
  • Develop, implement and monitor various strategies and practices to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals in various aspects through the bank's internal sectors, external entities and relevant institutions locally and globally.
  • Cooperate with various external Stakeholders to develop plans related to sustainable development, including all governmental and nongovernmental organizations and international agencies, investors and the Central Bank of Egypt.
  • Lead dialogue with third-party Stakeholders regarding their awareness-raising practices regarding sustainable development plans as well as communicate with them on implementing plans and formulating budgets and approved marketing strategies for the companies contracted by the bank and clients and colleagues.
  • Increase awareness among colleagues in various sectors about the developments and variables of sustainable development that the bank is looking forward to implement while studying the impact of these developments on the business environment within the bank.
  • Spread the role and leadership of the bank in achieving sustainable development plans in various strategic leadership platforms such as the World Economic Forum and the global initiatives of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
  • Participate in the preparation and submission of the bank's annual sustainability report in cooperation with the relevant sector, which is related to the bank's role in achieving sustainable development plans within the framework of the strategy adopted by the board of directors.
  • set KPIs for each axis within the sustainable development strategy to ensure the achievement of the goals or making adjustments to those indicators to suit the achievement of those strategic goals.
  • Develop the general budget of the department and discuss it with the Senior Deputy Director General of strategic planning and sustainability and the FIBD Head, so that the objectives are achieved with the lowest possible budget and the best quality within the budget set for the sector that is approved by the bank's Board of directors.


  • Bachelor Degree in Business Administration or any related major from a reputable university.
  • MBA or Advanced Degree in a relevant discipline is a must.
  • Minimum 10 years of relevant experience in planning and analysis role.
  • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Office or any data analysis software.
  • Excellent knowledge of infographics and up to date learning tools.
  • Experience in quantitative analysis.
  • Fluent English.
Created on09 Nov 2021
Last updated on20 Jan 2022
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