Senior Risk Management Analyst (177001)


Finance and Investment
Mid Career (2-6 years)
Not specified


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New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt


  • Support in building and promoting a Risk Culture in the organization.
  • Perform and check data quality checks on data used in different processes.
  • Document, review and regularly update risk management procedures and company policies.
  • Contribute heavily in the preparation of structured risk management update reports to the Audit Committee.
  • Contribute heavily to the implementation of the Maturity Models.
  • Produce and check a risk management opinion on large accounts, partnerships, bancassurance deals and annual strategic plans.
  • Participate heavily in work required to set up the risk appetite framework in line with the local requirements and the organization's standards.
  • Conduct quantitative studies of risk and profitability as well as review pricing tools in the context of Product Approval Process.
  • Conduct reserving calculations to ensure the appropriateness of reserves.
  • Contribute heavily to the review of reinsurance programs to confirm retention and cover appropriateness through stress tests.
  • Contribute heavily to the process of measuring accumulation of exposure and monitoring it on a regular basis.
  • Review and challenge profitability reports and key metrics of the in force business.
  • Develop second opinion on Asset Liability Management (ALM), Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) and Investment Approval Process (IAP) studies.
  • Review the capital allocation and solvency requirements in line with the organization and local requirements through stress tests.
  • Facilitate the identification, categorization, assessment, prioritization, creation of action plans and regular update of potential and emerging local risks in line with the regulatory requirements and the organizations' standards.
  • Coordinate heavily the regular reporting of Loss Data Collection (LDC).
  • Work on the establishment and monitoring of Key Risk Indicators.
  • Coordinate with IT regarding implementation of information security, business continuity and disaster recovery plans.
  • Produce a risk management opinion on critical IT projects.
  • Coordinate with the communication department on management of reputation risk.
  • Conduct and check qualitative assessment of operational risks in the context of Product Approval Process.
  • Conduct Internal Control Processes review.
  • Assist other areas of the business with tasks/projects as required.
  • Perform all other duties assigned by manager.



  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering, Actuarial Science or any related major from a reputable university.
  • 3 - 6 years of relevant experience in Risk Management or financial analysis roles.
  • Knowledge of Enterprise Risk Management( (ERM) concepts and insurance industry risk management requirements.
  • Basic knowledge of Egypt risk management regulations and understanding of the current and developing regulatory capital framework (e.g. Solvency II).
  • Good knowledge of MS Office.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent command of English and Arabic language skills (Verbal and Written).


Created on23 Aug 2021
Last updated on05 Sep 2021
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