Program Coordinator (161669)


Entry Level (0-2 years)
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Downtown, Cairo, Egypt


Program Management

  • Plan, schedule and review class schedules and instructor hours and communicate any changes to relevant parties, to ensure operational efficiency.
  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the office and the studios.
  • Anticipate and purchase office and workshops supplies as needed.
  • Maintain an adequate inventory of office supplies.
  • Prepare for each workshop and course as required
  • Assist with organizational development, tutors records and contract management.
  • Organize and maintain files, records and up-to-date data base of Clients and Applicants.
  • Assist in developing and improving operational systems, processes according to best practice.
  • Provide management with course status updates, feedback, and appropriate reporting.
  • Prepare and edit correspondence, reports, proposals  and presentations.
  • Manage projects and conduct researches as required.
  • Assist with special projects and assume other appropriate responsibilities as delegated by the senior staff.
  • Manage online registrations and applications.
  • Maintain records of admission policies and procedures serve as a liaison between the registrar’s office, students.
  • Communicate relevant policies and producers to tutors old and new and follow up on them to make sure they abide.
  • Make sure tutors are regularly submitting their teaching material i.e. class plans, lectures, handouts and conducting required student assessments.  
  • Serve as part of the enrollment management team, coordinating and collaborating with colleagues in both admissions and PR/Marketing Interview, train, and manage student workers for data entry and general office duties.
  • Fulfill data requests required for management decisions.

Customer service & Reputation management

  • Maintain good relationship with customers by providing support, information, and guidance.
  • Coordinate with marketing the day to day communication activities with the customers  and enrolled students.
  • Assistant student support team in resolving issues.
  • Communicate with students and tutors to inform them to take actions regarding (i.e. absence late payments, due installments, postponed classes, holidays, etc.) and make sure they understand the policies and procedures in relevant cases.
  • Respond to inquiries whether by phone or email or what app.
  • Register all phone calls in terms of interest, contact information, etc. for the purposes of increasing the company's data base.

Business development

  • To assist with organizational development, finding new recruitment when required.
  • Outbound sales efforts to expand business opportunities and increase its customer base.
  • Building a network with relevant industries to create internship, employment and training opportunities for the company's alumni.
  • responsible for our annual internship program.



  • A Bachelor degree from a reputable university
  • 0 - 2  years of experience preferably in similar role in the operations function.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Fluency in English is a must.
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Last updated on29 Jun 2021
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