Medical Teleconsultation Manager (157296)


Medical, Healthcare, and Nursing
Management (6-10 years)
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New Cairo, Cairo, Egypt


  • Oversee the everyday running and operations of the Teleconsultation service.
  • Support/troubleshoot for staff members when needed.
  •  Setting monthly work and leave schedules for teleconsultation staff.
  •  Maintain and review operational clinical policies and procedures.
  •  Participate in setting and monitoring of the KPIs relating to the Teleconsultation service.
  •  Ensure all staff members and doctors are up to date with the latest clinical guidelines.
  •  Work to ensure that patients are directed to and receive care in an appropriate venue in a timely manner.
  •  Regular review of Teleconsultation staff performance.
  •  Maintain patient satisfaction reports.
  •  Handle customer complaints relating to Teleconsultation.
  •  Generate, prepare and present regular reports related to the Teleconsultation service.
  •  Participate in recruitment and training of the staff.
  •  Supporting call center in critical and rush hours.
  •  Provide business support and expertise in the development and implementation of Digital Health plans, within the context of OneHealth’s strategic priorities.
  •  Collaborate with the Operations, Quality and Customer Experience departments in setting and maintaining clinical and operational standards.


  • BSc, MD, from an accredited university in medicine.
  • Minimum 5 years of clinical experience.
  • Current, valid license to practice medicine. 
  • Minimum 3 years in data quality related to Medical auditing in HealthCare/ Medical Insurance/ Hospital/ or TPA company.
  • Experience in Project Management and Organization
  • Effective communication of analyses (both verbal and written)
  • Good command of statistics and data interpretation
  • Degree in Business/Management is a plus
  • Knowledge of current GDPR and other data privacy issues is a plus
  • Experience/interest in Healthtech is a plus
Created on09 Dec 2020
Last updated on16 Nov 2021
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